Vesper Hybrid Mattress

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Key Features:
Beat the Heat

Free yourself from disturbing, sweaty sleep and feel renewed with our unique cooling Tencel™ infused Mattress.

Goodbye, Backache!

Back pain during sleep? We don’t welcome that here. Vesper mattress offers optimum orthopedic support for your sleep and spine health.

Sleep like a baby

Awaken by your partner's tossing and turning? Fret not! The zero-motion transfer technology absorbs any shocks for many nights of restful sleep.


What's in the Mattress?
6-Layer Hybrid

The Perfect Balance between Comfort, Support, and Coolness.

Skillfully Engineered for all Body Types


  1.  Tencel Ice Silk Fabric - Specially made to adapt to the local weather
  2.  Cool Gel Memory Foam - Pressure Relieving Layer for Good Sleeping Posture
  3.  Natural Latex - Enables Air Circulation using Pin-Hole Structure
  4.  Transition Foam Layer - Even Weight Distribution throughout the Mattress
  5.  Individual Pocketed Spring - Perfect for Shared use - Zero Motion Transfer
  6.  Support Foam Encasement - Stability for Different Body Weights and Sleeping Positions

1. Tencel Ice Silk Fabric Cover

Specially made to adapt to the local weather, this mattress is covered by high-quality poly viscose fibre infused with Tencel fabric, known for its cooling effect and breathability. This snug cover is treated with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties for a worry-free snooze.


2. Memory Foam + Gel

Memory foam is known to use natural body heat to provide the proper contour. As it conforms to the natural shape of your spine, the memory foam layer offers pressure relief white maintaining a good sleep posture. The gel layer keeps the mattress cool and regulates the stuck feeling you experience from ordinary memory foam mattress.


3. Natural Latex

While you need body contour, you also need some bounce to provide ease of movements so you can toss, turn and change your position without sacrificing the support your body receives. This natural latex layer's open cell structure ensures proper airflow for additional thermal comfort.


4. Transition Foam Layer

With an added transition foam layer, we guarantee proper weight distribution and motion transfer, the right height of the mattress and it's supportive firmness.


5. Pocket Spring

Presenting encased individual pocketed spring, the mattress coils react individually to movements. Perfect for shared use.

6. Support Foam Encasement

We complete this mattress with a sturdy foam encasement support that handles different body weights and sleeping positions. Ideal for copious mattress supports and bases. No more sliding off while sleeping due to soft mattress edges!



Peace of Mind
Oeko-Tex Certified

Standard 100 (20.HCN.26833)

Free from harmful levels of toxic substances. Guaranteed safe, reliable and comfortable.

Same Day Delivery

We all hate waiting, don't we?

Free delivery to your doorstep, on the very same day you place your order! 

 *Same Day Delivery applies for all orders placed between 9am to 4pm.

100 Nights Free Trial

We offer a 100-day free trial for your ease! Try our mattress for as long as you want in a hundred nights.

Returns are simple and quick; we will pick up your mattress if you don't like it. No charges involved.

10 Year Warranty

Enjoy your mattress for as long as you want. Vesper offers a decade-long warranty.


Firmness Rating:

7.0/10 - Perfect Firmness for All Sleeping Positions 


Mattress Dimensions (11 Inches):

Single: 90cm x 190cm x 28cm
Super Single: 107cm x 190cm x 28cm
Queen: 152cm x 190cm x 28cm
King: 183cm x 190cm x 28cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pauline Teo
Amazing mattress

Very cushy yet with great support. Ever since sleeping on it it’s been a joy. Will definitely recommend to others.

Love my new mattress!

Been sleeping on cheapo mattress all my life and first time trying hybrid mattress. No regrets at all!

Good mattress

Comfort firmness.

Tse Jie
Nice Sleep

Comfortable and firm to rest and sleep on. Will buy again for my parents.

Zenden Tan
Comfortable mattress

The quality of mattress exceeded my expectation. It has been a while since I have a good night sleep. Fast delivery as well.