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Your Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes in Singapore

May 26, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Mattress Sizes in Singapore

We spend about 1/3 of our days sleeping in bed. More hours are consumed lying on the mattress, resting and scrolling through the phone, perhaps watching television. On weekends, we take extra time resting on our beds after a long and tiring week. With all these activities enjoyed in our loving bedroom, it's essential to have the most suitable mattress size for your needs.

But do mattress sizes and dimensions matter?

They do. In fact, many sleepers, especially young adults who have busy and active lives, suffer from sleep deprivation because of many factors, including their mattress sizes.

In this guide, we will share the standard bed sizes in Singapore, their measurements, and features to help you become an informed shopper who goes beyond personal preferences when choosing a mattress. We will also list some frequently asked questions about your bed dimensions.

Standard Local Mattress Sizes in Singapore

Standard Local Mattress Sizes in Singapore

Mattress sizes differ in many locations, including Singapore. This means a standard king size mattress in Singapore will be different from an American king size bed. Knowing the difference will help you buy the right mattress size for your local bed frame.

Below are the standard bed dimensions in Singapore:

  1. Single Mattress (W: 90cm x L: 190cm)

  1. Super Single Mattress (W: 107cm x L: 190cm)

  1. Queen Size Mattress (W: 152cm x L: 190cm)

  1. King Size Mattress (W: 183cm x L: 190cm)


1. Single Size Mattress

Single Size Mattress

A single bed is the smallest standard mattress size in Singapore, measuring 90 cm wide and 190 cm long. With its slim size, this bed is perfect for smaller flats with limited space. If you want to fit as many furniture pieces and functions into your room as possible, using a single size bed is an advantage.


Best For: Children transitioning from cribs, teenagers, or single adults. It is also suitable for guest beds, bunk beds, trundle bed frames, and other shared or multi-functional beds

Room Size Recommendation : Smaller rooms, children's rooms, guest rooms, studio apartments. Single beds also work well in narrow rooms.


2. Super Single Size Mattress

Super Single Size Mattress

A bit wider than a single mattress is a super single bed. Measuring 107cm x 190 cm, it is ideal for a single sleeper who prefers more space for tossing and turning. This extra width can still fit comfortably into a limited footprint. If you are an individual user who is looking for a new bed to give you extra room to move, a super single bed is an ideal choice.

An interesting fact: Only Singapore, Japan, and China offer this bed size. However, the latter two have slightly wider super single beds. When shopping for a new mattress, we highly suggest looking for the exact dimensions instead of the bed label, since the same mattress size names have different dimensions that do not fit for some bed frames.


Best For: Single sleepers who need more room to sleep comfortably. You can also upgrade your guest rooms and double beds by using a super single size bed than its single counterpart.

Room Size Recommendation: small room size, guest room, shared room


3. Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress

A queen size mattress offers enough space for single and shared use. Being inches wider than a super single mattress with its 152cm x 190cm dimensions, this bed can already accommodate couples. These queen bed dimensions can fit two adults comfortably.


Best For: Young adults and the elderly who require more sleeping space, couples, and mattress sharers

Room Size Recommendation: Master bedroom, larger room size


4. King Size Bed

King Size Bed

With the king size bed dimensions of 183cm x 190cmthis larger mattress suits bed sharers the most. With its expansive surface, a king bed is also ideal for family use. If you are a couple who co-sleeps with a child, a standard king bed will provide extra space to accommodate your sleeping needs.


Best For: Partners who need more room for sleeping, families with kids, single sleepers who want to enjoy more sleeping space

Room Size Recommendation: Master bedroom, larger room size


Other Mattress Dimensions

American Mattress Size Guide

American Mattress Size Guide

  • Twin Bed (W: 99 cm x L: 188 cm)

  • Twin XL Mattress (W: 99 cm x L: 203 cm)

  • Full Bed (W: 137 cm x L: 188 cm)

  • Queen Size Bed (W: 152 cm x L: 203 cm)

  • King Bed (W: 193 cm x L: 203 cm)

  • California King Bed (W: 183 cm x L: 213 cm)


  • Crib (W: 70 x L: 127 cm)

  • Small Single Bed (W: 75 x L: 190 cm)

  • Olympic Queen Mattress (W: 168 x L: 201 cm)

  • Split King Bed (W: 99.06 x L: 203.5cm* individual)


European Mattress Size Guide

European Mattress Size Guide

  • Small Single Bed (W: 75 cm × L: 190 cm)

  • Single Bed (W: 90 cm × L: 190 cm)

  • Small Double Mattress (W: 120 cm × L: 190 cm)

  • Double Mattress (W: 135 cm × L: 190 cm)

  • King Bed (W: 150 cm × L: 200 cm)

  • Super King Bed (W: 180 cm × L: 200 cm)


Bed Dimensions Comparison

Bed Dimensions Comparison

Singapore mattress sizes are evidently different from American and European sizes. This means bed frames and bedding accessories that are designed for each size also vary. Here's a table comparison to give you a good look at the differences.


Singapore Mattress Size
American Mattress Size
European Mattress Size


(w: 90cm x l: 190cm)

Twin Bed 

(W: 99 cm x L: 188 cm)

Small Single

(W: 75 cm × L: 190 cm)

Super Single 

(w: 107cm x l: 190cm)

Twin XL

(W: 99 cm x L: 203 cm)


(W: 90 cm × L: 190 cm)


(w: 152cm x l: 190cm)

Full Bed

(W: 137 cm x L: 188 cm)

Small Double

(W: 120 cm × L: 190 cm)


(w: 183cm x l: 190cm)


(W: 152 cm x L: 203 cm)


(W: 135 cm × L: 190 cm)


(W: 193 cm x L: 203 cm)


(W: 150 cm × L: 200 cm)

California King

(W: 183 cm x L: 213 cm)

Super King

(W: 180 cm × L: 200 cm)




Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mattress Size Really Matter?

Does Mattress Size Really Matter?

Sleep experts confirm that bed size has a significant role in achieving a good night's sleep. Having enough space to sprawl on during slumber is critical to remaining comfortable and refreshed. This is especially important for small HDB or BTO flats. The size of a shared bed is crucial for sleepers with different heights, weights, sleeping positions, and comfort preferences. Bigger bed sizes are preferred, especially by combination sleepers.


What is the Most Popular Mattress Size?

What is the Most Popular Mattress Size?

The most popular mattress is the queen size mattress. A queen bed is enough for individual sleepers and their partners. It also does not take up as much space as a king sized bed.


How Do I Know If My Mattress is Too Small for Me?

How Do I Know If My Mattress is Too Small for Me?

Is a single bed too small for you as a single user? Is a queen size bed inadequate for your shared space? Is a super single mattress ideal for bunk beds?

We shift positions at least forty times at night on average. If you are an active sleeper, it's just paramount to have the right bed dimensions to support your movements. If you're co-sleeping with your partner or kids, make sure you allow minimum movement transfer to avoid distractions when someone tosses and turns.

These are the indicating factors to know if your mattress is too small for your needs:

  • Two sharers have varying weights and sleep positions, and both are feeling uncomfortable sleeping.

  • Your children are growing and transitioning to bunk beds.

  • You wake up feeling tired using your small bed.

  • Your mattress needs changed (growing up, transitioning from sleeping alone to sharing a bed, pregnancy, or backaches).


When you size up your bed, make sure it still fits in your room and still allows proper traffic flow between your bed and other bedroom furniture pieces.


How Do I Measure My Current Mattress?

How Do I Measure My Current Mattress?

Planning to change your mattress size? Here's how you measure your current one for comparison:

  • Measure the mattress from head to foot in cm or inches to find the length (many shops show their sizes in cm).

  • Get the mattress width by measuring from one side to another.

  • You may also measure the depth in case you want to change to a thicker or thinner bed.

Which Mattress Size is Best for Me?

Which Mattress Size is Best for Me?

There is no specific "best mattress" but there is a best one for your needs. Answer these questions to determine your ideal mattress dimensions:

  • Are you an active sleeper?

  • Are you a single user or do you sleep with a partner? What are your body sizes and heights?

  • How about your sleeping positions?

  • Do you have kids who co-sleep with you?

  • How much space do you have in your bedroom?

  • What is your budget?


If you are an individual sleeper, a big king sized bed might just take too much of your floor space. Depending on your needs, preferences, and room space, you may opt for a single, super single, or queen mattress. We recommend leaving at least 30 inches of allowance around the bed to keep you comfortable when walking in your area.

When shopping for a new mattress, consider that although your bed might take most of your space, it will not be the only furniture piece present in your bedroom. Take into account the traffic allowance in your area, including the distance between your bedroom furniture pieces. If you have a chest of drawers or an open door wardrobe, make sure to leave enough space for when you open your drawers.

Smaller rooms, like guest rooms and home offices, will need smaller mattresses. Others go for bunk beds with single or super single beds to maximise their space.

The mattress size can also influence its price. Ultimately, bigger bed sizes are more expensive than smaller mattresses. When shopping for a bed, make sure the benefits are worth the investment.


What is the Suitable Bed Size for Partners?

What is the Suitable Bed Size for Partners?

The general rule for couples is to use a queen bed at the very least. However, it's good to know that a queen bed size might not provide the best comfort for both sleepers. To compare, a single bed, with a width of 90 cm, can accommodate one adult. A queen size bed measures 152 cm wide. This means a queen size bed is smaller than two single beds, although it can still give you proper sleep support. In this case, a wider bed is a better sleeping solution. As long as your space permits, it is preferable to go for a king size bed to give both of you extra space to sprawl on. Other couples opt for split king mattresses when they have different mattress firmness preferences.




Like materials and firmness levels, finding the right bed dimension is paramount to achieving a good night's rest. Vesper follows four standard mattress sizes in Singapore: single, super single, queen, and king mattress. Choosing the suitable mattress size depends on many factors, including your comfort preferences.

Tip: A breathable mattress will help you appreciate its spaciousness even more. A spacious shared bed, like a memory foam bed, for example, that is not breathable enough may still feel cramped and uncomfortable. Many users prefer mattresses with Tencel fabric and cooling gel materials because they are highly comfortable and breathable, especially during hotter nights in Singapore. 


Ready to buy your new mattress? Consider a hybrid bed from Vesper to maximise the advantages of multiple quality materials in one single unit. Learn more about the Vesper Hybrid Mattress here.

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